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Tommy Smith

Live At Belleville

Arild Andersen, Tommy Smith, Paolo Vinaccia

released: 2007

Label: ECM

Catalogue no.: ECM 2078

About the album

Live recording of Arild Andersen’s exciting new trio, playing in Oslo’s Belleville club and at the Drammen Theatre, spurred on by an enthusiastic crowd. Apart from Duke Ellington’s “Prelude To A Kiss”, played with much feeling by Tommy Smith, the music is all written by Andersen, and it burns. “Live At Belleville” may be Arild’s most powerful trio recording since “Triptykon” with Garbarek and Vesala, back in 1972.


Arild Andersen creates a kaleidoscope of modern jazz composition. […]
Absolutely and unreservedly marvellous, and (being an ECM disc) sonically impeccable, too.

BBC Music Magazine

MY JAZZ album of the year. Norwegian bass maestro teams up with saxophonist Tommy Smith and Italian drummer Paolo Vinaccia in a trio that is brimming over with compelling ideas and creative invention.

The Scotsman

It’s all about masters at work: Andersen creating big, warm structures through real-time double tracking and his fingers scampering gleefully over the strings; Smith variously understated, magisterial and venomous; and Vinaccia a brilliantly responsive, subtly propulsive livewire whose dynamic range enhances quiet atmosphere and charging tempo alike.

The Herald