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Tommy Smith


Loïc Dequidt

I first met the talented French pianist Loïc Dequidt in 1994 after being invited to Lille by François Schmitt, an old friend who had helped me get a foot into France. A few years later Loïc invited me to Paris, rue Lepic, Montmartre, Paris to play a week with him and his friends in 1997. […]

Edwin Morgan

Edwin Morgan

The first Scots’ makar’, or national poet of Scotland, Edwin Morgan (b:1920) and I (b:1967) shared the same birthday, April 27th, and I never forgot to send him a card. Although we were many decades apart, we collaborated on 55 poems over a decade, encapsulating broad themes like the bestiary, Beasts of Scotland; the history […]

Norman MacCaig

It was in June 1994 I had the great pleasure of meeting the legendary poet, Norman MacCaig, in his Edinburgh flat. I had heard him read his poems at the St. Magnus Festival in Orkney in 1993 in a small wooden floored room packed with people; I was giddy with excitement to experience the atmosphere […]