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Tommy Smith
Arild Andersen - Tommy Smith - Paolo Vinaccia

Arild Andersen Trio

One of the most interesting and unusual jazz trios to have emerged in the last ten years is the international collaboration between Norwegian master bassist Arild Andersen, Scottish saxophonist Tommy Smith and Italian percussionist Paolo Vinaccia.

Andersen formed the trio in 2007 with the clear aim of breaking new ground in contemporary jazz and their impact was immediate. Their group’s initial live performances were noted for their astonishing power, precision and dynamism.

It is hard to think of a jazz ensemble that wastes fewer notes than bassist Arild Andersen´s Trio. Even at its most passionate, this music reveals structure, focus and clarity.

Thomas Conrad

Jazz Times

With enough form to lend cohesive shape to the entire set and plenty of freedom to allow Andersen, Smith and Vinaccia to take the music where they will.

John Kelman

All About Jazz

In-House Science is the best of this trio to date.

Karl Ackerman

All About Jazz

Much of that energy was captured on the Live at Bellville CD, released in 2008 on ECM to widespread critical acclaim. Additionally, in that same year, Andersen was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix du Musicien Européen de l’Académie du Jazz in France for this recording.

Since then, Andersen, Smith and Vinaccia have toured regularly and consolidated their worldwide reputation as a compelling live act. The trio has travelled widely and won the appreciation of discerning jazz audiences as far afield the USA, Japan, Scandinavia, Europe, UK, Nicaragua, Argentina, India, Guatemala, South Korea and Egypt.

In 2014, they released Mira, their delightful second recording for ECM. The album attracted universally enthusiastic reviews and became instantly popular with jazz radio broadcasters. Andersen conceived Mira as a Sunday morning album and it’s appeal lies as much in its startling contrast to Live at Bellville as its devotion to shimmering melody.

Four years later in 2018, the trio recorded their final recording together for ECM Records entitled In House Science, and sadly on the 5th July 2019, Paolo Vinaccia died after a long battle with cancer.

“The whole record: a contemporary masterwork.”

Brian Morton

Moment’s Notice

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